Sell 'Live Video Robot' As your own keeping 100% of the profits.
Upgrade to Live Video Bot 'Resellers Club' Today 
& Make Money Selling Live Video Bot 
as your own
Works on both Mac & Windows
Sell 'Live Video Bot' As Your Own Keeping 100% Of The Profits
Live Video Bot is a brand new software that right now is in hot demand. It’s the only software that allows you to simultaneously post live videos to Facebook, Instagram & YouTube. 

You can sell Live Video Bot as your own software with this package. 

For every sale you make you keep all of the money. 

Imagine getting your hands on a software that took months to develop and thousands of dollars - with full rights to sell it as your own. 

Cash in making 100% of the money you sell the software for. 

Unlimited Reseller License
There are no limits to the amount of copies you can sell of Live Video Robot. 

You can sell 100 copies, 1000 copies or 10,000 copies if you'd like. 

We manage your customers within the software while you focus on making sales and making money.
Included: Marketing Material & Sales Tools
Included today with Live Video Bot you're getting all of the marketing material, sales material and everything you need to effectively sell this software.

You'll receive an HTML page & Clickfunnels Funnel that you can add to your own business. 

You can customize these pages, add your own buy button and then make 100% of the money every sale you make. 

You could be selling and making money 5 minutes from now.
Rebrand & Sell Offline Or Online
Rebrand any of the marketing material you receive.

When you get access to Live Video Bot Reseller you have full control to sell this software as you want. 

The only condition is that you sell the software for a minimum cost of $37. You can sell this software for $67 each or you could sell the software for $497 to businesses keeping all of the profits. 

You can sell this software online or if you'd like you can sell licenses to the software offline.

Automatically Receive Commissions To Paypal
You can sell as many copies as you like because there are no limits.

Sell 10 copies of Live Video Bot for $67 each.

You’ve made $670.

Sell 100 you’ve made $6700 or really push this software and sell 1000.

You’ll make $67000.

All automatically into your Paypal account every sale you make.

Here’s Exactly What You Are Getting…
Upgrade to Live Video Bot Reseller right now and instantly unlock
  •  Full Reseller Rights 
  •  Unlimited Licenses
  •  All Branding & Marketing Material
  •  Account Management Dashboard
  •  Keep 100% Of The Profits
The Live Video Bot 
30 Day Guarantee
Your access to Live Video Bot Reseller today gives you UNLIMITED, risk-free use of the software for the next 30 days.

If Live Video Bot Reseller doesn’t SUPERCHARGE your business with more automation, in-depth customization options and infinite possibilities then we won’t be satisfied with taking your money.
That’s the Live Video Bot Satisfaction Guarantee.

Give it a try today and for the next 30 days. Unlock automated live posting, customize with the pro video builder, capture your audience with the playlist creator, discover increased engagement, use more features, experience better customization and unlimited potential.
We are here to support your business with Live Video Bot PRO.
What is Live Video Bot Reseller?

It’s and upgrade for your purchase of Live Video Bot Personal or Live Video Bot Agency. Whatever package you have all the pro features will be added ontop of the existing features right within your dashboard.
Do I Need To Install Anything?

No, Live Video Bot Reseller is completely cloud based meaning all the features mentioned above are ready to be used right within your browser.
Are There Ongoing Costs Or Is This Really One-Time?

As a charter launch member you get all the benefits of Live Video Bot Reseller for a one-time fee. No need to pay any monthly or yearly fees. If you don’t secure your copy during this limited period Reseller will only be available via subscription.
Do I Need To Have My Computer Running For Automation Features?

No, once you have set your LIVE streams, playlists and recurring videos up in Live Video Bot you can simply close your browser, shut down your computer and carry on with your live. Live Video Bot Reseller will deliver your content as scheduled without any worries.
Do You Offer A Money Back Guarantee?

Yes. Your upgrade to Live Video Bot Reseller today is completely risk free. If you are not satisfied for any reason we would love to hear from you. Our mission is to provide 100% satisfaction across all of our existing, current and future products.