Customize your Live Video Bot experience. 
Upgrade to Live Video Bot Professional 
Supercharge Automation
Works on both Mac & Windows
Easy ‘Step By Step’ PRO Video Builder
Customize your video broadcasts to suit your needs in just clicks with the Easy Step-By-Step- Video Builder built right into your Live Video Bot PRO dashboard.
Add lower third graphics, overlays and graphical calls to action to VISUALLY ENHANCE your live video presence online.
Don’t jump between expensive softwares and different windows. Let Live Video Bot PRO take care of your video building needs with ease all inside your browser….

Intelligent Playlist Creator PRO
Smart sequences of video content to hype a product or service is made easy with this advanced playlist scheduler. 
EFFORTLESSLY DELIVER sequences of videos to go out at set times that drip feed content to audiences and build up awareness towards the big finale. 
The intelligent way to get engagement and views constantly. Whilst utilizing the FULL POWER of live video on Social media.
It’s all made so simple when you get your hands on Live Video Robot PRO today!

Content Stream Robot PRO
Continue to deliver your content over and over again to key audiences with our Content Stream Robot built right into Live Video Bot PRO.
This FIRST OF ITS KIND automated solution will let you broadcast your content to your desired audiences day in day out on complete autopilot.
Maximizing viewership. Increasing deliverability. Optimal results.
Use your best performing videos in a recurring fashion to targeted audiences.
The PRO Content Stream Robot can deliver LIVE broadcasts around the clock. Making sure NOBODY misses out on your message.
 There is currently nothing like this available on the market today.
Unlock this EXTRA AUTOMATION POWER when you upgrade to Live Video Bot PRO today!

Enhanced PRO Smart Media Library
>REAL WORLD VALUE - $27-$297/Month<
Don’t worry about expensive online storage solutions for your frequently used and most popular content or assets.
Access your created and stored content for up to 90 DAYS from the date of upload.
Live Video Robot PRO lets you grab and use your favorite content from the secure vault with just a click
Meaning less time spent searching, finding and uploading assets and productions you have created in the past.

Unlimited Future Upgrades & Updates
>REAL WORLD VALUE - $97/Yearly
Live Video Bot is a very new software.
There is really nothing like it out there.
For that reason we’re going to be continuing to develop and build onto this software.
If you want to get those upgrades automatically then when you get access to PRO you’ll be automatically upgrade.
You wont be charged a single cent more for these features where as regular Live Video Bot users will have to pay to upgrade. 

Unlimited Accounts
Supercharge your capabilities with Live Video Bot PRO by adding and connecting UNLIMITED social accounts.
Reach an INFINITE AUDIENCE by completely automating all your LIVE video marketing effort to multiple channels and profiles over YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.
This makes it easier than ever to reach customers in UNLIMITED NICHES with your video marketing all from one simple dashboard.
Live Video Bot PRO delivers you ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES in the simplest way possible.

Live Video Bot PRO Automates 'Live Video' 
It includes these Incredible features:
Easy Step-By-Step PRO Video Builder
Add Graphics + Enhance Videos
Build In Intro and Outro Videos
Intelligent Playlist Creator
Drip Feed Content Automatically
Content Stream Robot
Automate Recurring Videos Streams
Unlimited Facebook Streaming
Connect Unlimited Instagram Accounts
Connect Unlimited YouTube Accounts
Premium Smart Media Library
FREE Pro Exclusive Updates
Here’s Exactly What You Are Getting…
Upgrade to Live Video Bot PRO right now and instantly unlock
  •  Easy Step-By-Step PRO Video Builder
  •  Add Graphics + Enhance Videos
  •  Build In Intro and Outro Videos
  •  Intelligent Playlist Creator
  •  Drip Feed Content Automatically
  •  Content Stream Robot
  •  Automate Recurring Videos Streams
  • Unlimited Facebook Streaming
  •  Connect Unlimited Instagram Accounts
  •  Connect Unlimited YouTube Accounts
  •  Premium Smart Media Library
  •  FREE Pro Exclusive Updates
The Live Video Bot 
30 Day Guarantee
Your access to Live Video Bot PRO today gives you UNLIMITED, risk-free use of the software for the next 30 days.
If Live Video Bot PRO doesn’t SUPERCHARGE your business with more automation, in-depth customization options and infinite possibilities then we won’t be satisfied with taking your money.
That’s the Live Video Bot Satisfaction Guarantee.
Give it a try today and for the next 30 days. Unlock automated live posting, customize with the pro video builder, capture your audience with the playlist creator, discover increased engagement, use more features, experience better customization and unlimited potential.
We are here to support your business with Live Video Bot PRO.
What is Live Video Bot PRO?

It’s and upgrade for your purchase of Live Video Bot Personal or Live Video Bot Agency. Whatever package you have all the pro features will be added ontop of the existing features right within your dashboard.
Do I Need To Install Anything?

No, Live Video Bot PRO is completely cloud based meaning all the features mentioned above are ready to be used right within your browser.
Are There Ongoing Costs Or Is This Really One-Time?

As a charter launch member you get all the benefits of Live Video Bot PRO for a one-time fee. No need to pay any monthly or yearly fees. If you don’t secure your copy during this limited period PRO will only be available via subscription.
Do I Need To Have My Computer Running For Automation Features?

No, once you have set your LIVE streams, playlists and recurring videos up in Live Video Bot you can simply close your browser, shut down your computer and carry on with your live. Live Video Bot PRO will deliver your content as scheduled without any worries.
Do You Offer A Money Back Guarantee?

Yes. Your upgrade to Live Video Bot PRO today is completely risk free. If you are not satisfied for any reason we would love to hear from you. Our mission is to provide 100% satisfaction across all of our existing, current and future products.