It’s Like You’ve Got An Automated ‘Traffic Getting TV Station’ That Has
Thousands Of Viewers Ready To Watch 24 Hours A Day 7 Days A Week.
Brand New Live Video Bot Reaches
Thousands Of New Customers With ‘One Click’
No Prior Experience Required to start generating traffic, leads & sales!
  •  Brand New Pre-Recorded ‘Video Scheduling’ Technology
  •  Broadcast Unlimited Videos to Facebook, YouTube & Instagram as ‘Live Streams’
  •  1 Click Broadcasting At Record-Breaking Speed
  •  Free Viral Traffic Fast As Customers Watch You On Their Tablet, Mobile & Desktop Devices
  •  Incredible Scheduling Technology Notifies Your Customers Your Live Video Is Starting.
Works on both Mac & Windows
Live Video Drives Millions In
Revenue To Businesses Every Day!
It can take years to rank a website for a single profitable keyword in Google. It can take months and thousands of dollars to create a profitable PPC campaign from scratch.

Did you know that you can avoid all of that and reach thousands (or more) new customers with the click of a button?

Incredibly, Today, 78% of Social Network Users are watching LIVE VIDEO.

Online Marketers, Product launchers, Local businesses, business coaches, cafes, events, weddings, vloggers and many more are all starting to broadcast LIVE to their fans over Social Media.

Why? Because LIVE Video engages people more than any other content on the internet.
Your Customers Want More…
Just like TV used to be in the early 60s Live video is today.
Customers are drawn to ‘live video’ like moths to a flame and as a result they are buying more from ‘live video’.

In fact every year since LIVE Video became possible customers are spending 113% more as a result of watching them.

Live video is growing even faster than regular video by over 78%. It delivers the most engaging experience for it’s viewers. It’s personal, it’s emotional, it creates an event people don’t want to take their eyes off.

It’s the perfect way to profit advertising your own products.
More People Are Watching ‘Live Videos’ 
Than Regular Videos
"Your competitors are taking advantage of Live Video to build more engagement, 
followers and generating more money."
– Social Media Today
People spend a shocking 300% more time watching live videos than they do regular videos.

Live Video has become a new type of television show for viewers who are hyper-engaged and excited to watch videos live.

Live Video regularly get hundreds and even thousands of shares and countless comments to. They are more engaging than any other traffic tool on the internet right now.

Facebook YouTube & Instagram
All Feeding You Traffic With Notifications
Live Videos work so well because they leverage the most viral part of any Social Network.

These notifications that popup alert your fans, members or friends that you’ve scheduled a LIVE, You’re ‘About’ to go live, or you’re live right now.

Facebook & YouTube are battling for ‘Live Video’ supremacy and want to keep you happy.

They’ll do the marketing for you in return for you contributing ‘Live Video’ content to their network.
‘Live Video Broadcasts’ Are Driving Massive Sales
Right now they’re using live Video to engage their audience more than ever before, build their brands awareness and emotionally engaging their viewers.

The Live Videos aren’t long either! Many are only a few minutes long but receive thousands of views, hundreds of likes, comments and shares.

Both large and small companies are dominating with this new form of video.

Starbucks 175,698 views with one Live Video,

Martha Stewart 592,287 views with one Live Video,

Buzzfeed 11,168,580 views with one Live Video,

and many news websites streaming news daily are receiving thousands of viewers regularly to their Live Videos.
Fact: You Can Stream Pre-Recorded ‘Live Videos’ To Build Your Following
99.9% of businesses film themselves ‘LIVE on camera’ when they do Live Videos.

The fact is that you don’t have to be LIVE to do a stream. With the right software you can simply pre-record a video. Then use that as your Live Video.

It’s how TV broadcasting happens and you can legally do it on Facebook, YouTube &Instagram to.

Pre-Recording your Live Videos means that while everyone else is having to ‘Go Live’ on every platform.

All you do is schedule a video and you an broadcast it out your audiences.
Without the right software most businesses, Vloggers, Coaches, Trainers and local businesses struggle to run and maintain a Live Video stream week after week.

They have to schedule In time to ensure they have everything setup perfectly for a live video.

They purchase many different devices just to ensure they can broadcast out to YouTube, Facebook & Instagram at once and purchase expensive & complex broadcasting equipment just to run their live video streams.

And it’s all worth it. Live Videos are where the money is and businesses are happy to go to spend countless hours every week to reach thousands of people for free over Social Media. They don’t have to be doing any of this. There is a much easier way!
Automate Live Video Across
Facebook, YouTube & Instagram…
Imagine automatically in less than 60 seconds from now reaching thousands of people.

Imagine Live Video Bot automatically scheduling your streams and managing the entire event for you.

Imagine Facebook pushing notifications about your event to peoples Mobiles, Tablets, Desktop & Email

And Imagine being able to sit back and watch as ‘Live Video Bot’ drives free traffic across thousands of your websites automatically.
A brand new software that automatically streams Live Video simultaneously to YouTube, Facebook & Instagram.

A point & click ‘Live’ software that makes streaming Live Video effortless!

A point & click ‘Live’ software that makes streaming Live Video effortless!

Stream 1 pre-recorded video to 3 Social networking sites while your competitors struggle to keep up.
An effortless Live Video experience that puts you back in control.

Broadcast Live Video
to Facebook, YouTube & Instagram
simultaneously in 3 easy steps:
Step #1:
Add Your Video
Upload your pre-recorded video and upload 
it into the software
Step #2:
Schedule Your
Live Video Broadcast
Decide what profile, pages or group you want your Live Video to go live on.

Then choose the date and time that your Live Video will happen.

This will open up a schedule in Facebook and fans of your page will be notified you’re going live in advance.
Step #3:
Go Live
Your Video Is now LIVE On Facebook,
Instagram & YouTube

That’s it!
Once you’ve scheduled your video into Live Video Bot the software does the rest. It transforms your video into a LIVE Video Stream. Distributes it to Facebook then YouTube then Instagram. Then it runs the live video for you as if you were on there live. Once the ‘Live Video’ ends a replay automatically becomes available for your fans to watch on Facebook, Instagram & YouTube. The Live Video replay will even rank in Google generating future traffic to.
The FUTURE of Live Video Streaming
is now at your finger tips
Live Video Bot is an easy to use software built to save you time and money.
With Live Video Bot you’re positioned at the beginning of the next big traffic wave. 
While people disconnect their TV subscriptions & turn to watch live video online.
You’ll be in the perfect position to capture this traffic.
Schedule Live Videos
In 60 Seconds:
‘Live Video Bot’ - Game Changer!
You’ll finally be able to put your videos to use.

Stop people in their tracks as they click through to watch your stream.

Generate free traffic from Facebook, YouTube & Instagram instantly when you go live.

Never pay for clicks. Your Live Videos generate traffic through ‘Cut-in line’ notifications Facebook, YouTube & Instagram send out to all of your friends, fans or group members instantly.

Your competitors will be left scratching their heads while you glide past them. Attracting traffic to your live streams across the 3 biggest social networks simultaneously. It’s humanly impossible for them to keep up. Stream after stream you’ll be pulling their follows, subscribers and customers towards only you.
Schedule & Promote Your Live Video Streams In Minutes
You can tap into and leverage the biggest secret to Live Video.

Live Video Bot automatically ‘schedules’ your Live Video streams in advance.

Then Facebook, YouTube & Instagram promote your Live Video streams for you.

And if you want to give them a boost you can take the ‘Pre-Scheduled’ link and post it around groups, pages & send out invites to it.

It’s like ‘scheduling a webinar’ except you’ve got Facebook, YouTube & Instagram as your ‘Affiliate Partners’. They send traffic but unlike an affiliate they don’t demand a commission on every sale they help you make ;).
Keep Track & Reschedule Videos Within Our Management Dashboard
When you use Live Video Bot to schedule Live Video we store your videos with us.

You can view your Live Video links in the future, you can view the statistics whenever you want to.

You can reuse your live videos based on what worked & leverage this feature to generate more and more traffic for less and less work.
  •  Forget spending hours streaming “Live” to Facebook, YouTube & Instagram individually trying to reach your audience
  •  Forget purchasing 3 phones in order to broadcast the same stream publically simultaneously
  •  Forget paying exorbitant fees for clicks to reach thousands of customers
  •  Finally save time, money and distribute your videos across Social Media to thousands of people simultaneously with one click.
Live Streams that build your customer base practically overnight.
Live Videos Are 
The Most Powerful Way
To Reach Thousands Of Customers Instantly Today!
How much would you pay
for your own live video setup?
To record a live video stream it would usually cost thousands of dollars alone just to get the right equipment.

You need a fast computer, a high quality camera, expensive desktop software to plug into and a whole host of other cables to pass the data from the camera to through the computer.

Live Video Bot uses videos. You can create a video on your computer and immediately broadcast It across Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

The software has been designed so you can use any videos.

You can record videos on your phone or you can create videos on your computer.
“How Are They Doing It”
Watch The Live Streams On All Devices
Businesses Will Pay You To
Help Them
Imagine what you can do for a business?

Overnight you can help businesses to reach thousands of their customers.

And they’ll be willing to pay you to help them again and again

Cheques of up to $1000 for simply distributing their videos through ‘Live Video Bot’.

They’ll be happy to as well. You’ll be sending thousands of new visitors their way. They wont ask you how they’ll just want you to keep doing it.
New Breakthrough Traffic Opportunity
Attention: Even while writing this message to you Facebook is pushing updates stacking even more odds in your favour. Now every user on Facebook whether they are on desktop, tablet or mobile sees this:

Right now you, your clients and your businesses can appear within ‘Facebook Watch’.

You’ll be pushed to the very top when you use LIVE Videos and people who are actively searching throughout Facebook can be recommended your LIVE videos even if they have never seen you before. It’s like YouTube except this is the earliest days of it. Facebook is now gifting you thousands of visitors simply for using LIVE on their platform. This is another reason why this is simply a breakthrough traffic opportunity.
Who Live Video Bot works for:
Live Video Bot places you
at the forefront of Online Marketing:
Before you know it Live Video Bot will be pushing out video after video for you, driving traffic for you and allowing you to leverage the most ‘hyper viral’ tools on the internet.

Video combined with the benefits of ‘LIVE Video’ is an absolute revolutionary breakthrough that you will not want to wait on.

With ease you’ll be able to present your business, products and clients products professionally and with authority.

It’s literally like you own your own TV broadcasting station. You dictate what’s showing every day, where your viewers are going while Facebook, YouTube & Instagram stoke the fire. They feed your station traffic allowing you to direct the traffic wherever you please.

You can direct your viewers them to affiliate offers, launches, ecommerce stores, blogs, video ads, websites, marketing launches and client websites at will.

You’re tapping into unlimited potential here.
When we say ‘Unlimited Potential’ we really mean it to.
When you signup with Live Video Bot today you get:
Get These Incredible
‘Point & Click Easy’ Features:
Post Unlimited ‘Live Videos’
No limitations, no complicated credit system. Just easy unlimited live streaming as you please. Nothing is holding you back from reaching your audiences using live video across multiple platforms with Live Video Bot.
The Ultimate ‘Live Video’
Distribution System
Don’t restrict your live broadcasts to just one social network. Cover off the “big 3” with seamless delivery of your live video content to Facebook, Instagram and You Tube. The undisputed top social networks when it comes to video all reachable from one 
place today.
Live ‘Voice To Text’ Subtitles
Overcome the major hurdle any live broadcasts faces with just a click. 85% of videos online are watched without sound. Subtitles added overtop of your LIVE videos, ensure your messages gets across to your audience 100% of the time.
Post Live Videos Automatically
Being “live” no longer means you have to be there. With Live Video Bots hands off scheduling tool you can queue up your “live” content in advance to go out on any platform at any time. It’s live video made completely hands free!
Content Stream Bot
Continue to deliver your content over and over again to key audiences with our Content Stream Bot. This automated solution will let you broadcast your content to your desired audiences over and over again on complete autopilot. Maximizing viewership, deliverability and results.
Smart Media Library
Store your videos and content right within your dashboard with our Smart Media Library. This secure storage lets you add any frequently used content for use in your broadcasts and access it in a click within 90 days of upload.
Intelligent ‘Live Video’ Playlists
Smart sequences of video content to hype a product or service is made easy with this advanced playlist scheduler. You can add a sequence of videos to go out at set times to drip feed audiences and build up awareness towards the big finale. The intelligent way to get engagement and views constantly. It’s all made so simple with Live Video Bot.
No Downloads – Works 
on all devices
No software to install, no need to keep your computer running. This is a fully hosted cloud based solution with only one thing in mind. To keep delivering your content. All without any additional monthly fees. Its automated live video kept simple.
Premium Support
Should you require any assistance at all with Live Video Bot our inbuilt support system will be there to guide you. Simply search our knowledge base or get in touch via your Live Video Bot account and our team will be available to help you 24/7.
Exclusive Launch Bonuses:
Video creation or building bonuses ONLY
Free: Commercial Rights for a VERY Limited Time
When you get access today during this special ‘Founders launch’ you’re getting access to Commercial Rights.

You can manage ‘Live Broadcasts’ within your ‘Live Video Bot’ account without any additional fees. You keep 100% of the profits. You can run an unlimited amount of live streams for your clients. No limitations. This gives you everything you need to run your own ‘Live Streaming Video’ business.
What’s One Live Video Broadcast Worth?
Think for a moment about how much one broadcast to 3 social networks with Live Video Bot is worth? How much would it be worth to you right now if you were able to within 1 click reach thousands of visitors? How much would it be worth if within 1 click you had Facebook, YouTube and Instagram all favouring you over other ‘regular’ content – Feeding you the very best ‘qualified’ traffic. How much would that be worth to your business?
Automatically Generate Thousands
Of Highly Targeted Videos For Free
Live Video Bot has been created to specifically tap into the most engaging and viral parts of Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

Without having to ever appear live on camera you can pump these 3 social media networks for traffic. Then direct that traffic wherever you want. All on autopilot. All without ever having to use other complex software or manually appearing live. Save time, money and generate the most traffic possible from Social Media with Live Video Bot.
  •  Run ‘Live Videos’ On Facebook
  •  Run ‘Live Videos’ On Instagram
  •  Run ‘Live Videos’ On YouTube
  •  Hands Off Content Delivery
  •  Smart Media Library
  •  Live 'Voice To Text' Subtitles
  •  Post Unlimited ‘Live Videos’
  •  5 Social Accounts
  •  Commercial Rights
  •  Run ‘Live Videos’ On Facebook
  •  Run ‘Live Videos’ On Instagram
  •  Run ‘Live Videos’ On YouTube
  •  Hands Off Content Delivery
  •  Smart Media Library
  •  Live 'Voice To Text' Subtitles
  •  Post Unlimited ‘Live Videos’
  •  25 Social Accounts
  •  Add 5 Subusers
Finally Traffic At Your Fingertips
Now is the very best time to be using this software. Never before has there been such a massive switch in the way people are consuming video content online. Live video is your ticket to phenomenal results for your business and your clients. Generate traffic faster and sell more products harnessing the power of the top 3 Social Networking websites on the internet combined with the most engaging form of content ‘Live Video’

It takes seconds to add your videos into Live Video Bot then distribute your videos across these highly viral platforms.
100% Money Back Guarantee
Live Video Bot is a brand new software that is unlike anything out there right now. It’s our strong commitment to you to ensure it’s always kept up to date and delivers you an excellent user experience. In saying that you are absolutely covered by our 30 day money guarantee. If you for whatever reason face technical issues let us know in support and we’ll do our very best to fix it asap. Or alternatively if you decide that this software isn’t for you then that is fine to. Let us know within 30 days and we’ll provide you with a full refund. If you do decide to refund then your access will be deactivated as the money is returned to your account. You are fully protected by our risk-free money back guarantee.
Do I have to broadcast over all 3 social networks to make this work?

No, you can use Live Video Bot to stream live to only one or two if you choose to do so.
Do I have to have my computer running for my broadcasts to go live?

No, with Live Video Bot all content is delivered right from the software itself. So there is no need to have your computer running at all.
Do I need any special set up on my Facebook, Instagram or YouTube account to be able to broadcast live?

As long as your accounts have never had any strikes against them for copyright infringement or breaching any of the guidelines set by Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. It will be your responsibility to ensure your content meets these guidelines.
What advantages will I experience using this compared to inbuilt options for delayed content like FB scheduled posts and YouTube Premiere?

Whilst these two options both deliver pre recorded content at a scheduled time, because they are not run as “live” events you miss out on the advantages live brings in terms of added home page prefences and better SEO results.
After the live stream do my videos disappear?

On Facebook and YouTube they will be posted to your news feed and channel as per normal. Meaning you will get continued views as normal. For Instagram live this will be on your story for 24 hours. It can be manually added as a highlight to your account should you wish to do so.
Do I need any further software, encoders or third party tools to make this work?

No, everything you need to get started and streaming is available right with your Live Video Bot dashboard.
Can people comment on my live videos?

Yes on Facebook and Instagram users can comment on the live videos like a traditional real time one. By being automated pre recorded content you can even sit through the broadcast and answer questions in the comments box in real time easily without being distracted.
How long can my live videos be?

You are able to broadcast videos from a few seconds and up to 60 minutes long using Live Video Bot. This is the total time limit set by Instagram.
Does this work for FB profiles, groups and pages?

Yes, anywhere where you can go live on Facebook you can use Live Video Bot to do it for you. This includes your personal profile, pages and groups.